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Boo Yeah

So I was scrolling through my Facebook on my phone while cuddling my three year old as he watched The Little Engine that Could.

Hmm. That’s a nice chair.


It was listed for $50. ATM’s dispense increments of 20. That would mean withdrawing $60 then spending some on drive-thru to have the proper amount. Yeah no.

Interested if you would take $40

15 minutes later I got a response

I paid $50. Just trying to break even.

3 days went by and I got tagged in a post:

Still interested for $40?

Insert giddy excitement. 

So I packed up the kids and off I went to get a much needed chair for my office (especially since I started this amazing blog and I sit at my desk at frequent intervals). I had planned to purchase a chair from IKEA… But getting “the real deal” for a fraction of the cost made my heart sing.

Not going to lie, I was slightly disappointed in the condition of the chair. It had dirt caked on the bottom and the wood gave me some splinters as I got it out of the car. However, I was impressed by the weight of the chair and thought it looked older than I originally guessed the age to be (maybe 1940’s from the Facebook posting).

I cleaned it up with a damp paper towel. Attached the seat properly into the wheel base. Sanded it down with 100 grit, then 220 grit, and finally a 320 grit. I gave the thirsty old wood (stamped OAK on the bottom of the seat) a good amount of Old English and then polished it off with some Minwax Paste Finishing Wax.

I started to take a good look for some markings to help me date and value the chair.

Milwaukee Chair Co.

It was all I could make out. I googled it. This happened: Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 11.50.07 PM

Only difference is that mine doesn’t have the leather seat. The cast iron base changes design the next year so I can assume that mine is dated between 1910-1914. All but one of my wheels are original to the chair.

That is when I hollered “Boo Yeah!” and showed my oldest son who quickly asked if I was going to sell it and told me that I should have my own television show because I “always find really good old stuff for really cheap”… gotta love 13 year old boys… I think he wants me to sell all my really good old stuff and buy him a Jeep to give him for his 16th birthday… or at least a Playstation 4 for his upcoming birthday.


This chair not going anywhere. I am extremely happy. With a small pillow for extra lumbar support, I will be quite comfortable typing for hours on end. I love my squeaky old chair. My imagination goes wild thinking about the men and woman who sat in this chair and what lives they might have lived. A wealthy business man? A teacher? One Hundred years old and it still functions as well as the day it was crafted. What stories it must have to tell.

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